Counseling Services

Specialty Areas Include But Not Limited To The Following:

Marriage/Couples/Relationship therapy

Marriage/couples/relationship therapy (new relationship, relationship breakdown/breakup, married, divorce/separation, issues with communication, compromise, or expectations in relationships, trust in question, infidelity an issue, needing security, needing guidance on whether to stay or go or how to sort through your distress/concerns in an effective manner)


Anxiousness (anxiety, panic-stricken, fear, feeling of doom and dread, fear of the unknown, or feelings of being overwhelmed and highly uncomfortable in mostly all circumstances without meaning or understanding)


Depressed (down, sad, low-mood, lack of motivation in getting the day started or conducting daily tasks; loss of interest in dealing with others whether family, friends, or anyone; lack of interest in pursuing those things that once brought you joy, fulfillment, excitement, happiness or evoked any type of emotion that you no longer have)


Adjustment (new job, new boss or supervisor, or work related issues, complicated past history and/or family dynamic, new role in life, new mom or dad, new baby, not feeling like yourself in the midst of your day to day, questioning yourself in the midst of circumstances, not knowing where or who to turn to, needing an unbiased opinion/perspective)


Trauma (past or present drastic issue impacting your life negatively, abuse, dramatic change that has occurred and needing guidance on how to navigate through changes, establishing a new normal, and adjusting accordingly)

Women and Men Issues

Women and Men Issues (changes in life due to age, circumstances or health)


Insight/Guidance (you do not have to suffer with a mental or behavioral issue to seek our services. Maybe you need an unbiased or objective perspective to a concern or issue you are a facing and need help navigating through it)

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